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Privacy Policy

Your privacy
This page describes the privacy policy which embraces the use and protection of information submitted by visitors.
If you make a transaction or send an e-mail containing personal information, this information may be shared with other public agencies for the purpose of providing a better and more effective service to you. For example when attending to grievances and that this requires response from other agencies.

Collected information
Personal information is not collected while you surf this website except for information that you have submitted by e-mail.

What will happen if I link to other websites?
This website is linked to other websites. The privacy policy stated herein is only applicable to this website. You are reminded that the other website linked from here may have their own privacy policy which may invariably be different and as such visitors are advised to examine and understand the privacy policy of every websites surfed.

Amendments to the policy
If and when amendments are made to the privacy policy, they are updated at the website. Regular visit to the site will ensure that you will be updated with the latest amendments or changes in relation to the policy, use of the website, and how information is shared with other parties in specific situation.
Security Policy

Data Protection
The use of up-to-date technology including data encryption, protects submitted data and adherence to strict security standard is always in place so as to safeguard against unwarranted access.

Security on Storage
All electronic storage and personal data submitted is saved and securely protected with the use of suitable security technology.
Disclaimer Of Department of Skills Development

Disclaimer 1 : Department of Skills Development shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the usage of any information obtained from this website.

Disclaimer 2 : We are not responsible on any damage or wrong information which might occur from the contents which has been translated by using another languages. Official content is only at the original page which is in English or Malay.